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Need an easy to use sitemap generator? Inspyder Sitemap Creator is the fastest way to create your
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19 November 2012

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Generate a Google Sitemap for virtually any website. No page limits, no scripts.

Features: Create an accurate Google sitemap in seconds. Inspyder Sitemap Creator crawls your site and generates a Google sitemap. Inspyder Sitemap Creator is a web-crawling XML sitemap file generator. Just enter your URL.No pages will be missed and no errors are created. That’s ready for submission. It is easy to use all you need to do is to just enter your website`s URL. No scripts, no databases are required. There is nothing to be installed on the server either. Coarse or Fine Grained Configuration can be set. You set your sitemap as "priority" and "frequency value using the exact URL or by partial match. The sitemap maker has just one time cost. You can map 20 or 20,000 pages, there are no additional costs involved. You can use Site Sections to match groups of URLs at once.

Inspyder sitemap creator does not stop at just making the sitemap. It`ll upload the map to your website and then ping the search engines. It is possible to run the sitemap maker on a schedule. It`ll then keep the map up to date automatically frequently. It is an windows application and there is no need to install anything on the server. The map creator would work with any backend technology that includes PHP, Perl or ASP etc. Platforms it can be hosted on include Windows, Linux, Unix etc. FTP, SFTP and SSH are integrated the map upload is from within the application. On scheduled map creations you can arrange to have e-mail notifications sent to you, the administrator. The file can be compressed with GZIP.

Overall: A sitemap creator that makes searching and indexing of your site easier for search engines.

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Generate an accurate Google sitemap in seconds! Just enter your URL and go. Inspyder Sitemap Creator will crawl your site and generate a Google sitemap that's ready for submission. No errors, no missing pages, no hassles!
Sitemap Creator's powerful 'Site Sections' allows you to quickly and easily organize your pages by priority and update frequency. Don't tediously configure each URL, use Site Sections to match groups of URLs at once.
After you generate your Google sitemap, Inspyder Sitemap Creator can upload it to your website and automatically ping search engines. Sitemap Creator can be scheduled to run automatically so that your Google sitemap is always up to date, even if your site changes frequently.
Sitemap Creator is a Windows application, so there is nothing to install on your server. Sitemap Creator works with websites using virtually any backend technology (PHP, Perl, ASP, etc.) hosted on any platform (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.). Sitemap Creator has no page limits, no monthly fees and can handle huge websites.
So what are you waiting for? Download a free trial of Inspyder Sitemap Creator today and start generating your Google sitemaps the easy way!
Inspyder Sitemap Creator
Inspyder Sitemap Creator
Version 4.0.2
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